surgery (3)Surgeries are preformed Tuesday-Friday mornings. We typically book a month in advance so please call to make your appointment early.

Drop off times are 9 am – 10:30 am – No food after Midnight and No water after 6 am.

Price includes a pre-anesthetic exam, the procedure and pain medication. Proof of a current rabies vaccine is required or one will be administered at cost to the owner.

Pet health Clinic does provide other surgical procedures. Feel free to contact us for estimates or any other questions. All prices are subject to change.

Surgery Consent Form

This let’s us know the history and current state of your pet’s health. What questions, concerns, goals, regarding wellness can we help you with? Let us know!

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OPTIONAL PRE-OP BLOOD WORK Please call for prices 410-820-4286, day of the procedure.

FELINES: Prices are for routine procedures:

Spay – Please call for prices 410-820-4286
Neuter – Please call for prices 410-820-4286
Ask us about our special prices for feral colonies

CANINES: Prices are for routine procedures:

Dog Spay and Neuter prices depend on weight.
(Canine spays require overnight stay to ensure strict rest compliance and optimal pain management)

Spays – Please call for prices 410-820-4286
Neuter – Please call for prices 410-820-4286

(*Due to a neck injury Dr Andrews is unable to perform spays on dogs over 40lbs. Please ask us for a referral.)

DENTALS: Prices are for routine procedures. Consult required.

Pet Health Clinic requires a dental consult before scheduling any dentistry to ensure a proper amount of time is scheduled for the procedure. An estimate will be provided at that time.

General Cleanings (Pricing is weight dependent) – Please call for prices 410-820-4286

We recommend, but do not require pre-op blood work for all surgical procedures. If you opt to do this it is available the same day of surgery for $25-86 depending on the testing combination you choose.


Estimates given at time of exam for:
Mass Removals – Injury Repair – Urinary Surgeries, Eye Surgeries and more!

We try to keep our site up to date, however, prices listed may be subject to change.